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April 2018


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Job Hunting? Never Say These Things About Yourself

Job Hunting? Never Say These Things About Yourself

They're generic. Confusing. Utterly meaningless. And you should never, ever use them when describing yourself to a potential employer.


Are You a Grasshopper...or a Productivity Ninja?

Waging daily battles against disorganization, absent-mindedness or procrastination? Productivity Pro Laura Stack shares four tactics you can use immediately to drive peak performance on the job.

Get Your Bounce Back

Get Your Bounce Back

We all face obstacles in life. What separates people who learn and grow from challenges from those who are dragged down by them? One word: Resilience.


Hand trucks are a great tool to make manual material handling safer and easier. Keep these tips in mind when operating this type of equipment:

  1. Wear heavy-duty work gloves with a good grip; steel-toed shoes are also recommended.
  2. Always place the heaviest objects on the bottom.
  3. Use proper lifting techniques in loading and unloading to minimize back strain.
  4. Push, don’t pull.
  5. Plan your route, considering doorways, blind corners or other obstacles you need to navigate.
  6. Park the hand truck out of the way, making sure it isn't blocking an aisle or emergency exit.

We want you to stay safe while on assignment. If your responsibilities or work conditions change, please notify us immediately.

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