Recruiting Strategies that Target Hidden Employees
Recruiting Strategies that Target Hidden Employees

Recruiting Strategies that Target Hidden Employees

It's time to rethink your hiring strategies. Why?
In a survey conducted by LinkedIn and in late 2010, they discovered:

  • 22 percent of the full-time workforce was not interested in a new job

  • 44 percent were open to considering something if contacted by a recruiter

  • 16 percent were discreetly looking, only by networking with former associates

  • Only 18 percent were actively looking.

Most companies, even those using social media and Web 2.0 techniques, are only reaching that 18 percent of active job seekers. Even if you ignore the 22 percent who plan to keep their jobs, this leaves 60 percent of the workforce untapped.

So how can you go after that 60?
Here are five great strategies to help you recruit more effectively in 2012 and determine your direction in the upcoming quest for the best talent.

  1. Have a "big brass brand." That is, attract so many good people, it won't matter if you make a hiring mistake. Think Google, back in the days when they were "The Place To Be." And to reach those people who are just waiting to be contacted? Your staffing agency can more easily penetrate that 44 percent.

  2. Be first. There are always countless good sourcing ideas being developed, and early adopters have an edge. But each new technology has a limited life span and becomes less effective as everyone starts using it. It's hard to be first all the time for everything--this is where a leading-edge staffing firm can help.

  3. Be the best. Whatever you do, be better than the competition. As long as you are, you'll stay ahead of the pack, even using older approaches. For example, compelling ads on job boards are effective if everyone else's are boring. Don't have time? Allow your staffing partner to take this job off your hands.

  4. Hire the best recruiters you can, with great training and great processes. This way, each recruiter has the same approach and a common set of best practices. Again, a staffing company with a measurable, proven approach to recruiting can take on this function for you.

  5. Use compelling, targeted advertising. Whether you're focusing on active or passive candidates, the ability to stand out with creative messages (postings, emails, tweets) is crucial to attracting the best talent. Your hope is to go viral, meaning your jobs get forwarded to friends and connections.

The bottom line
As the battle for hiring supremacy accelerates, a shift in recruiting strategy is essential. Part of this means realigning resources toward approaching passive candidates and part of this requires great recruiters using sophisticated techniques and fully engaged management. If you don't have the time or resources to put these techniques into place, consider putting the expertise of your staffing agency to work for you.