Makin' Your (EOY) HR List and Checkin' It Twice

2023 is coming to a close. Do you have your ducks in a row so you can go into 2024 with a clean slate? (enough cliches for you?)

Here's a list of important end-of-year tasks for you to check off to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. (there goes another cliche!)




Review and update procedures and policies to ensure compliance with any changes in rules, laws, and regulations.

Audit filing systems for security and compliance. Schedule an impartial third-party audit for next year.

Ensure HR staff know which documents/digital files to retain for 2024 and which to discard/archive. Discuss and reinforce policies for proper disposal.

Save all critical reporting and filing deadlines to your 2024 calendar and the team calendar.

Review upcoming 2024 regulatory updates and prepare relevant staff.

Order updated compliance posters and notifications that must be up by January 1.



Benefits & Open Enrollment



Prepare next year's open enrollment communications and documents.

Review health benefits for ACA compliance.

Verify all health and retirement plan benefits descriptions and disclosures have been completed and are compliant.

Review contribution benefits offerings for IRS compliance.

Send out reminders if flexible spending account dollars must be used before the end of the year to avoid forfeiture.

Notify COBRA participants about any rate changes.

Schedule time in mid-2024 to start gathering competitive bids for 2025 benefits.



Final Payroll



Remind employees that if they have experienced a change in status during the year or a significant life event, their withholding may be impacted.

Remind employees to update address data, demographic information, and emergency information for tax filing purposes.

Work with company leaders to make cost-of-living adjustments to salaries.

Schedule and distribute end-of-year bonuses.

Schedule year-end paychecks.

Order W-2s and 1099s.



Review, Update & Communicate Policy Changes



Employee handbook and policies

Holiday/vacation policies

Flexible, hybrid and remote work policies

Sick & bereavement leave policies

Maternity and paternity leave policies

Bullying and discrimination policies

Performance and termination processes

Attendance and personal conduct policies

Social media policies



Plan For 2024 Recruitment and Staffing Needs



Check your training plan and schedule any training now.

Perform annual performance reviews and check that all employee reviews are complete.

Schedule meetings with department heads to review staffing needs for 2024.

Work with department heads to update job descriptions.

If you have new team members starting over the end-of-year period, confirm start dates and set up their onboarding schedules.

Meet with your staffing partner to discuss your staffing/hiring/workforce management needs and challenges for 2024 and brainstorm solutions.

When you're ready to plan for 2024, get in touch with Davis Staffing. We'll ensure you have the people and flexible staffing solutions you need to take on any challenge!