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November 2012 | MY SETTINGS
60 Second Solutions
by Davis Staffing, Inc.
Dear Todd,

Do you have an elevator pitch about your corporate culture?

At the 2011 HRevolution Conference, there was a great discussion about culture--and how ESSENTIAL it is to convey the right culture to job candidates.

For this 60 Second Solutions, we'll show you how to best convey your culture from day one to increase retention and create a happier, more productive workforce.


Debbie Davis
Davis Staffing, Inc.

Define Corporate Culture to Make Better Hires

What does HR do to create corporate culture? I think the role for HR is not to create it, but to communicate and reinforce it at every possible opportunity. Look at every opportunity to interact, whether internally or externally, as a way to share what makes us different.

A few areas to communicate your unique culture (just in the areas of recruiting and selection):
  • When you write job ads, talk about your company and what makes you different. But don't do it in a corporate-sounding way. Be as different as you are able to be.
  • During interviews, talk about what it's like to work at the company in a more in-depth way. Talk about your core values and how you expect your employees to meet them.
  • Orientation--It's time to turn it up a notch. If you have slides or a presentation for new hires, make reference to the culture aspects of your company multiple times. Offer a cheat sheet within the new hire packet with info on what to expect.
  • Onboarding--This is an extension of the orientation process and a great opportunity to continuously reinforce the tenets you explained early on. Most people learn about the company culture ins and outs by making a misstep. [You] want them to be aware long before that happens.
  • Everything else! Keep it up. It's tough to do it continuously, but completely worth it when you have a culture employees are rabidly in favor of.

I know it might sound simple, but it makes an amazing difference in the quality of the people you hire and how they perform their work. So many employees just want to know what is expected of them. It might be because a supervisor isn't great at communicating that. Whatever the case, take some of the responsibility on yourself and make sure it gets done.

Want more strategies for interview and onboarding success? Contact Davis Staffing, Inc. today--we'd be more than happy to help you play up your company's strengths.

Excerpts reprinted with permission. Originally published on the Upstart HR blog:

About the Author: Ben Eubanks is an HR pro from Huntsville, AL. He spends his days as an HR Generalist for Pinnacle Solutions, a small government contractor focusing on the aviation training industry. He spends his nights writing at upstartHR--an HR blog with a little humor, humility, and how-to. When he's not working or blogging, he's getting ready for the next HRevolution (an HR conference on steroids) and chasing his twin toddler girls around the yard.

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